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The Blue Note- An L.A Noire Short scene

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Fandom: LA Noire
Title: The Blue Note
Author: Rachael Keane
Pairing: Cole Phelps/OC
Rating: R
Summary: Cole Phelps falls for a fellow female detective while she is undercover. Read to find out more.

The Blue Note

Madeline McConnell was hard at work, entertaining the whole audience at the Blue Room jazz club as she sang on the stage. The whole room was smoky but it was a pleasurable working environment sometimes.

As she ended her set, she walked off the stage as the lights faded around her.

She then walked from back stage and towards her dressing room, where she lit a cigarette and then smiled as she saw two men near her door.

She smiled at them as she approaced "Well well..if it isn't LAPD's finest...and the jackass incarnate." she said to Phelps and Earle respectively with a laugh.

Earle put on a devilish smile for her and laughs "You're still a wise-ass, aren't ya McConnell?" he said.

Madeline laughed "I'm only a wise-ass towards you, Earle. Cause you're so easy to fuck with." she teased.

She then turned to Phelps, who just smiled as he watched her screw with Earle "Well well well if it isn't the hero? Youre looking good, Phelps." she said to him.

Cole smiled back at her and looked her over "You're not looking so bad yourself Madeline." he said tugging on a strand of her blonde curls teasingly.

Madeline did a teasing twirl in her red dress and laughed "Yeah I have to say that Red is definitely my color. Then again so is the blue." she laughed.

Cole gave Madeline a small smile, a gesture that didn't go unnoticed by Earle.

"Oh Why don't you two just fuck each other already?!" Earle snarled angrily.

Madeline smiled a bit at Earle and laughed "Are you jealous sweetheart?" she asked him.

Earle looked at Madeline with disgust and shook his head. "No way! Hmm cop or no cop, to me you're still just another whore making two paychecks." he said.

Madeline sneered back at him "You're a disgusting, filthy, sexist pig who is so close minded that they can't believe that a woman can be a cop." she? said.

Cole comforted Madeline as she started to cry a little bit, and whispered in her ear "Try not to listen to people like him, Madeline. They don't know what the world is like." he said.

Earle overheard what Phelps said "Hey! Fuck you, Phelps! You think you know more about women just because you're married?!" he asked, slightly irritated.

Madeline looked up at Earle "Its not that he knows more about women, it makes him more fucking compassionate towards women is all, you jackass!" she snapped.

Earle sighed and rolled his eyes as the pathetic female broke free from Phelps' grip and wiped her tears. To him, a woman should be tough, not some crying pile of hormones.