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Till The Right One Comes Along

Fandom: GLEE
Title: Til the Right One Comes Along
Author: Rachael K.
Pairings: Various
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A New Girl in Glee Club makes a hit with almost everyone... including Artie.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything GLEE related...I just own the character of Isabelle.
Chapter 1


Isabelle's POV


        Well here I am... McKinley High School. The school with a lot of acheivments in its lifetime. I looked to see a lot of the trophies in the display case and saw various wins for Cheerleading. I giggled at the name of the cheerleaders....The Cheerios? Good God!

        Well there coach must be a hell of a woman to be able to lead the Cheerios to so many championships.


          But the one thing I've heard is that this school has the most amazing Glee Club ever....and that is where I'm looking to actually join up.


           I adjusted my dungaree skirt and my off the shoulder top with the glittery music note on the front of it and as I walked toward the choir room, I spotted a teacher outside the room.


          I approached the teacher and smiled at him. He then turned to me and smiled back.


            Oh my God he was so gorgeous. I opened my mouth to speak, but I was way too nervous.


             The teacher smiled still and gave me a raised eyebrow in confusion. "May I help you? Are you looking to join Glee Club?" he asked me.


             I nodded my head and smiled suddenly as I found my house. "Yes! I am!" I blurted out.


             The gorgeous teacher gave me a wink and nodded as he chuckled. "Okay.... Well I'm Mr. Schuester, but you can call me Mr. Schue... What do I call you?" he asked me.


             I smiled at his cheerfulness and shook his hand "I'm Isabelle Carter. Nice to meet...." I didn't get to finish my sentence before he was pulling me into the classroom.


             Before I knew it... I was in front of about 15 or 20 kids in the club. They all look so different and some kinda proper.


              Then Mr. Schue started to speak up again "Ladies and Gents... I'd like to present our newest girl, Isabelle Carter..she's gonna audition for us." he said.