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Fic: Some Nights (PG-13)


Fandom: Wreck-it Ralph
Title: Some Nights
Author: Rachael Keane
Pairing: Ralph/Adult Vanellope
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: I have aged Vanellope up about to the age of 23, so don't get the wrong idea about this fanfic.


Some Nights

By: Rachael Keane

Summary: Vanellope Von Schweetz is now 23 and is no longer in Sugar Rush. So she wanders Game Central Station, and finds a familiar face. What could change over 14 years?

Scene 1

Vanellope's POV

Well here I still am... after 14 years I'm sure glad I don't have to be such a problem to everyone in my old video game, Sugar Rush. I left there ages ago, being branded a glitch I didn't think anyone would care that I was gone.

I know not a lot of people cared about me in my lifetime. Mostly because, like I said, I was branded a 'glitch', a total mistake to everything and everyone around me.

There was only person who.even acknowledged my exsistance, and not only to taunt me... a 9 foot tall guy by the name of Ralph, and this man came into my life strictly by accident.

He had been 'game jumping' which anyone with half a brain knows is illiegal. But he explained that 30 years of pulling the same crap over and over again can get tedious, so he decided to leave his game.

I however didn't 'game jump'....I retired from Sugar Rush when I was 18 years old...so I've been hanging around in Game Central Station for the last 5 years.

Just then as I walked, I saw a very familiar face in the crowd. I smiled *No way, it can't be* I thought to myself.

Just then I walked over to the person who I recognized, and I smiled as I stepped in front of him.

"Ohhh my god! Ralph?! Is that you? Really?" I asked him, looking up at him with my hand on my hips and a smirk on my face

Ralph looked down at me and looked shocked, and slightly confused "Vanellope?! No way! Look at you...you're almost as tall as me." he teased, picking me up.

I laughed "Nahhh... I still have about 3 feet or so left till I catch up to you....So how have you been?" I asked him.

Ralph shrugged "Ahhh I've been pretty good. Gave up on Hero's Duty a few years back. Been trying to find myself somewhere new to go. But I haven't found anything. What um... what ever happened to Sugar Rush?" he asked.

"Hmm I gave it up about 5 years ago....I got tired of Tafyetta and all the other bitches there saying I just didnt belong there like the rest of them did. So I just left...I know i took me 9 years to even dig up the concept of leaving, and maybe...just maybe I should've gone with you when you left." I told him.

Ralph sighed "Yeahhh, but you would've been stuck here in the station...or worse, you basically could've been... deleted." he told me, gulping at the last word as a sudden frown appeared on his face.

I frowned as well, cause there was nothing I hated more than being on a list of possibly deleted characters...or at least I hope I wasn't on that list. Just then I looked up at Ralph and smiled again "Ummmm...Ralph? Do you wanna go somewhere and talk or something?" I asked him.

Ralph nodded and looked at me "Umm yeah of course, let's got to the Game Cafe, and I will buy you something to eat. How's that, sweetie?" he asked me, putting me down on the floor again.

I smiled at him suddenly "I think I could eat...or maybe I can just have a Q-Bert Shake...they're really good." I said, jokingly.

He held his hand out to me, and it took it. It was still way bigger than mine, but for some reason, I feel like it fit really well. This is going to be the greatest day ever.