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Fandom: Sky High
Title: Purple Haze
Author: Rachael Keane
Pairing: Zach/Magenta
Rating: PG-13 for language and mild sexual content
Summary: Zach gets a surprise visitor one night at his house when something gets in through the front door.

( Purple Haze...Collapse )


Zach's POV

Wow! What a day I've had...no strike that, what a night I've had! Things have happened in my first week at Sky High that I never believed would happen to me in my lifetime. Things went wrong when my powers wouldn't activate in Power Placement class, I get bullied by the school's 'security' in the form of two seniors, and then just when I thought nothing could get worse...on the night of the dance at Sky High, a senior girl named Gwen Grayon took it upon herself to wreck most of the night by revealing herself as a supervillian named Royal Pain, then she trapped our parents and the rest of the adults and turned them all into babies.

It was extremely difficult to prove my self-worth when I had been labeled as a sidekick by most of the teachers. But I had to some how, so when all the chips were down...my friends and I came out swinging, defeated Gwen, saved all te parents and the other adults, and then saved the world, well kinda.

I had made some great friends eversince I came to Sky High, I already had my best friends Will and Layla, but for some reason, we ended up making new friends. A kid named Ethan whose one power was that he can melt into a puddle of mush. Then there was Magenta, or 'Maj' as she was known to her friends, and she was a shape-shifter, but the only thing is, she was only able to turn into one thing...a purple and black guinea pig.

What can I say about Magenta? She and I had become close friends by the time tonight came...she and I even had a blast dancing together at Homecoming. She was a great girl, a little pessimistic for my taste, but she was perfect nonetheless. I really like her, but I'm a bit afraid to admit it to her cause she's very special to me, and if she were to reject me, I'd be crushed.

In fact, I wanna have Magenta be my girlfriend, but I dont know what to do about that. I think I'm gonna tell her how much I like her tomorrow at school.


Chapter 1

Third Party POV

Zach sat on his bed in his pajamas, still trying to recover from the events at the homecoming dance. He was exhausted, and all he wanted to do was sleep. But for some reason, he found himself unable to sleep.

Just then, he heard something through his closed door. It was a scratching or something like someone trying to get in. Confused, Zach got up slowly from his bed and walked over to the door, and slowly opened it, and without warning, something scurried past his feet and jump onto his bed.

Zach recognized the Guinea pig immediately, and smiled as he closed his bedroom door again. He then walked back to his bed and sat down, taking the small animal in his arms and petting her gently.

"Well speak of the she-devil...I was just thinking about you. How did you get in here anyway?" He asked her with a smile.

Magenta smiled and squeaked a bit as she started to purr at how Zach was petting her "Came through the front door, well the whole on the side of it. I had to see you, and plus I couldn't sleep." she said, cuddling closer to him still in her guniea pig form.

Zach smiled "Ummm...you wanted to see me? But why? Are you okay there?" he asked, cuddling her closer as well, and stroking her fur softly.

Magenta purred as Zach pet her some more "Easy there sweetie... I'm fine. I just got to thinking about everything with us and how I jus wanted to be one of those girls who had someone who cared about her. I see Warren with Freeze-girl, and Will with Layla...and I realized that I just wanna be like them." she said.

Zach chuckled as he put her down on his bed, and watched as Magenta transformed back into her human self, and sat at the edge of the bed with him. "Well, there's the girl I know." he said.