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Fic: So Emotional (Rated M)


Fandom: Boy Meets World
Title: So Emotional
Author: Rachael Keane
Pairing: Shawn/Angela,  Shawn/OC
Rating: M for adult content
Summary: Shawn and Angela are just getting back together, but what happens when he meets a new girl at school.

I got a love of my own baby
I shouldn't get so hung up on you.
I remember the way we touched.
I wish I didn't like it so much.
                          - Whitney Houston
                             "So Emotional"

Chapter 1

            Shawn laid in bed with his girlfriend Angela, but the whole thing felt so contrived. They had just gotten back together and already they were lying in bed after making love to one another. Shawn held Angela close to his chest as she slept...but sleep wasn't coming easily for him. Lots of things were running through his head at the moment.

             Shawn suddenly got up and got dressed to go outside and downstairs to the student union to get some coffee. He had been up for so long that he was exhausted.

             As he took the elevator down to the Lobby, he went over it in his head about what made him and Angela get back together.  He kept thinking it was because he loved her more than life itself.

              Oh the things he could think of between him and Angela. But what he thought of his relationship was irrelevant. The point was he and her were back together and he couldn't be happier.

          As Shawn got off the elevator, he must've not been paying very much attention because suddenly he bumped into someone else, sending books and papers flying everywhere.

           "Oh geez, I'm so sorry... I didn't mean to bump into you...are you okay?" Shawn asked in a panic.

           "I'm just fine, sweetheart. Don't think anything of it babe." A girl's voice rang out in Shawn's ears.

            Shawn looked up at the girl.  and he just about lost it. This girl was beautiful. She had blonde hair to her shoulders, and the most gorgeous blue eyes ever. She was a little shorter than him, and extremely cute.

              "Hi there.... I'm Shawn Hunter....and who might you be cutie?" he asked with a wide smile on his face as he held his hand out to her.

               "Hey... I'm Annelise McConnell... I'm new here." The cute girl now identified as Annelise said as she shook Shawn's hand.