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How Russ Met Cheryl

How Russ Met Cheryl




Summary: Read the story about how two of the SMPD Rookies met and fell in love.
Chapter 1




Russ' POV
          A brunette enters the firehouse. She was so damn beautiful with reddish brown hair with green eyes that could stop a truck. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I tried to concentrate on my paperwork as I watch her walk up to LT. Callaway's office.




         I leaned over to Cory and whispered to her. "Hey Cory...who's the hot piece of ass going up to see the boss?" he asked.




         Cory cleared her throat and smiled sarcastically. "Ummm Russ? That's my sister." she said.




           I looked up and then back at Cory and looks shocked. "Get out of here! She is not your sister." I exclaimed.




               Cory nodded quickly to me. " Yeah she is! That's my baby sister Cheryl. She's 22 years old. She just graduated from the academy." she told me.




              I smiled at her and put on a pleading look suddenly. "Please Cory...can you introduce us please?!" I said.




              Just then the Lieutenant came down and guided the gorgeous girl down the stairs. As I looked at her, I can tell she was nervous as her eyes scanned everyone in the room.


             Just then TC began to talk to us. "Good morning people! I'd like to introduce Cheryl McNamara, sister of our own Cory McNamara. Cheryl here is a graduate of the academy and has been recommended here for a job. An idea which I have accepted." he said.