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LA Noire Erotica

LA Noire Erotica


1) Cole & Madeline


2) Jack & Dawn


3) Madeline & Dawn
Cole & Madeline


     That night after a lot of drinks, Madeline brought Cole back to her place for the night, insisting that he shouldn't sleep alone.


      As they entered Madeline's apartment, she goes to put her purse on the table, but feels Cole grab her wrist and pull her back to him against his chest, wrapping his arms around her waist tightly.


        Madeline smiled at him and looked deeply into his eyes, seeing that their faces were only an inch apart from each other. "Whoa now Cole, what brought this on, partner?" she asked him.


          Cole smiled at her "I can't stand not to look in those beautiful eyes of yours, Madeline." he said to her as he stares back into her piercing green eyes.


          Madeline couldn't believe what was happening when Cole came closer to her and closed the gap between them with a sensually, passionate kiss.


          As they kissed, Cole's hands wandered down her back, and down to her ass, but not once did he go under her dress yet.