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In the Rain (PG-13)


In the Rain

Scene 1

        Anthony McCann (or 'Mac' to his friends and co-workers) sat in a car on a stakeout with his partner Jennifer Marchette. They were out in front of a Fraternity house that was under suspicion for drug-related murders.

            Jennifer looks outside through the window, which was hard to see cause of the downpour outside. She leaned her head back into the seat and sighed heavily.

             "I hate these damn stakeouts. They take all frickin night." Jennifer said closing her eyes a bit.

              "Well at least you don't have to spend it alone. You have me here." Mac said with a charming smile.

              Jennifer sighs and smiles "I'm glad I have my PARTNER here to keep me company. Its kind of requirement, isn't it?" she said to him.

             Mac looked a bit hurt, but forced a smile. "Hmmmm is that right? So I'm only your partner? Not your friend?" he asked her.

            Jennifer nodded slowly "Okay so then you're my friend too, I guess. I never had a friend before... cause my life has only ever been about work and school. That's how I graduated college at 17." she explained to him.

          Mac smiles "You gotta be some kind of a smart-ass then huh babe? Wow... out of school before you were 18." he said, looking at her.

           Jennifer nodded and I had a coveted position by the time I was out of the academy. I adore undercover work, Mac. I wouldn't want anyone to take that away from me." she said.